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RENATE BERTLMANN (A): from the series Top U29 (2005).
On her current exhibition in Vienna, see:


#remember? Die Traktoristin

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Rot, stark, weiblich” müsste man in Abwandlung eines ÖVP-Slogans sagen. Ein Denkmal der schönen, arbeitenden, eigenständigen Frau. (Zumindest aus sozialistischer Sicht;) Ein bissi Blut&Boden ist auch dabei.
Vielleicht ein passendes Sujet für die kommende NÖ-Landtagswahl?

Gender issues in Czecho/Slovakia

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This is a beer ad on a bill board near Bratislava airport; the slogan says it all…
and the head belongs to the owner of the (Czech) brewery.

Cherchez la femme” à la slovaque: a travesty of sorts.

Photo (c) by the author.

Croatia’s first (female) reporter

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“Today everyone in Croatia knows the works of Marija Jurić Zagorka. This has not been always the case as it took the Croatian public quite long to recognise and acknowledge the significance of Zagorka’s contribution to equality between men and women.” >full text (c) 2013

From Prague to Washington

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How the Czech girl Marie Jana Korbelová
became Madeleine Albright, the first female
foreign minister of the United States.
(c) 2013

Also see our last post on this subject matter.

Street Art

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Intelligent French street performance that undermines xenophobic as well as fundamentalist views of the “Muslim woman”. We’d urgently need some of those in Central Europe…

Performing the impossible

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Ida Pfeiffer (1797-1858) “was a Viennese women of the Biedermeier era with one dream: she wanted to travel. In the nineteenth century it was impossible for women to fulfil this wish. So she made it her life to perform the impossible.”
>full text (c) 2013

Below: Ms Pfeiffer in travel gear; lithography by Adolf Dauthage; photo: wikipedia Continue reading