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‘Die Matrosen von Cattaro’

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Heute vor 100 Jahren meuterten die Matrosen im zweiten k.u.k. Kriegshafen, dem heutigen Kotor (Montenegro). Es war zwar nicht der Panzerkreuzer Potemkin, aber “[d]as Beispiel der Revolte russischer Matrosen in der Ostseefestung Kronstadt (Oktober/November 1917) und deren Auswirkung auf die Machtübernahmen durch die Bolschewiki konnte ebenso wenig verdrängt werden wie die revolutionären Vorgänge in deutschen Häfen.” Die Meuterei scheiterte, schrieb aber später Literaturgeschichte, mit dem gleichnamigen Agitprop-Drama von Friedrich Wolf in der Weimarer Republik. >>Volltext & Bild (c) WiENER ZEiTUNG, 2018


“Crimea & the Hysteria of History”

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“Well, that was fast. At the beginning of the year, it seemed apt to meditate on the catastrophes of a century past, and on the chance that we might, once again, be passengers on some Titanic of history, with a small flaw in the hull opened by some unforeseen iceberg. And it seemed worth stressing that what had brought the ship down—in short, what made 1914 happen—was, above all, the vulnerability of open societies to the panicked appeal to honor and the fear of humiliation.” >full essay
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“Nationalist Copyright on WW1?”

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“As we are entering the anniversary of the centenary with the outbreak of World War One, controversies over how to commemorate the past are heating up. A few day ago, I published a comment  in the Austrian daily Die Presse on debates and controversies over the commemoration of World War One. As unfortunately these debates are mostly published in German (and Serbian) only. Thus, some key points and links here.” Reblogged text by Florian Bieber, professor of SE European Studies, University of Graz

WWI: “an imperial bloodbath that’s a warning, not a noble cause”

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Matt Kenyon for Seumas Milne on world war one
“Tory claims that 1914 was a fight for freedom are absurd – but then history wars
are about the future as much as the past.”>text & illu (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2014

“… with all means at its disposal”

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“In 2014, most European countries will commemorate the start of the First World War 100 years ago. Among the numerous publications to appear to date is a book from Carl Gerold’s Publishers, which contains numerous hitherto unpublished photographs.” >text & album (c) 2013



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SARAJEWO_Attentat Kopie
A German novel imagines: what if ?
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How Europe Went To War

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How the lamps went out


“Strategy, bellicosity, blunder?

(…) A fresh look at the Great War’s deadly genesis.”

>Review of C. Clarks

bestselling book

The Sleepwalkers (2012)

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