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“Speak, Memory”

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The famous neuro-scientist Oliver Sacks about his ‘false’ childhood memories of the London “Blitz” (1940-41), which were instigated by a family letter – and what this tells us about the working of memory (and narrative) >full text

Illustration: Heinrich Kühn, Hans with Bureau, 1905, taken from The Perfect Photograph, exhibition catalog, Albertina, Vienna (eds. Monika Faber & Astrid Mahler, publ. by Hatje Cantz).


“The Europeans, no 8: Haydn”

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“The Austrian composer bridged the transition from writing music for patrons to writing for a paying audience” and “became one of Europe’s most respected composers in his day.” >text from THE EUROPEANS series (c) THE IRISH TIMES, 2013

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The WELLCOME’s “major winter exhibition showcases some 300 works from a unique collection devoted to the iconography of death and our complex and contradictory attitudes towards it. Assembled by Richard Harris, a former antique print dealer based in Chicago, the collection is spectacularly diverse, including art works, historical artefacts, scientific specimens and ephemera from across the world. Rare prints by Rembrandt, Dürer and  Continue reading

Olypmic stereotyping

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London 2012: A 12-part guide to the UK in 212 words each by Jon Kelly & Husain Husaini >full text (c) BBC News Magazine, 2012