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Finally: a good book on historical vampirism in the 18th century

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vamp copyThomas M. Bohn: Der Vampir. Ein europäischer Mythos. Köln, Weimar, Wien: Böhlau 2016. 368 S. Review in German

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“How History Broke Us”

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“How to tell the story of the rise and destruction of European Jews? Perhaps the most compelling way is through family history, as David Laskin does in his fascinating new book.” >review & photo (c) THE DAILY BEAST, 2013

What Putin, Lukashenko and Yanukovych Share

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Op Ed
“Last Friday marked the 10th anniversary of the imprisonment of former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Meanwhile, former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich, leader of the Belarussian Social Democratic Party, will start the third year of a six-year sentence in a medium security penal colony. In Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko will have completed two years of her seven-year sentence for “abuse of power” and “embezzlement” unless released under the pressure of the European Union. All three are widely considered to be political prisoners. But while focus has often been on the wrongfulness of their detentions, less has been written about the motives of those behind them: Presidents Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko and Viktor Yanukovych.” >full text (c) THE MOSCOW TIMES, 2013

The Strange Power of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

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“What is it about Sholem Aleichem’s stories of a poor milkman in the shtetl that has audiences bewitched for nearly 50 years after the smash musical debuted on Broadway? The new cultural history of Fiddler.” >text (c) The Daily Beast 2013

Discrimination against Roma traced back

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“Discrimination against Sinti & Roma is an inextricable part of their millennium-old history in Europe. The discrimination could be seen as an understandable reaction of the settled population to nomadic strangers. However the Roma and their advocates argue that the nomadic lifestyle is a consequence, rather than cause, of the discrimination.” >full text (c) THE IRISH TIMES, 2013

More: How Racist Assumptions fuelled the ‘Maria’ Disaster >text (c) SPIEGEL,2013

Another article: the Slovak city of Košice as ‘slumdog millionaire’?
>text & disturbing photos (c) THE DAILY MAIL, 2013

Why DracuLand still stokes British anxieties

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Past and present attitudes to Romanian and Bulgarian immigration in the UK
>full text & illustration (c) BBC HISTORY, 2013

“L’ Europe du goût”

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This is a gastronomic map of European “taste” hanging in a French hospital:
Interestingly, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and the rest of CEE don’t seem to exist here. Photo (c) Sabine Burg, 2013