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“A monument of self-pity and self-justification” for Hungary

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The renowned Hungarian American historian István Deák on the Monument of German Occupation, 1944-45, which is planned in Budapest by the right-wing nationalist FIDEZ government > text (c) Hungarian Spectrum, 2014
photo of monument draft (c) FACEBOOK, 2014


“Nationalist Copyright on WW1?”

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“As we are entering the anniversary of the centenary with the outbreak of World War One, controversies over how to commemorate the past are heating up. A few day ago, I published a comment  in the Austrian daily Die Presse on debates and controversies over the commemoration of World War One. As unfortunately these debates are mostly published in German (and Serbian) only. Thus, some key points and links here.” Reblogged text by Florian Bieber, professor of SE European Studies, University of Graz

WHO OWNS ‘1914’ ?

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SARAJEWO_Attentat Kopie 2

Nationalistic mud wrestling – or pan-European opportunity? The lobbying
is on for the WWI commemoration of Sarajevo in June 2014.

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Bosnian War Memories Filmed for Oral History Archive

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“From ex-officers and politicians to ordinary Bosnians, over 100 people have given video interviews for a new archive of memories of wartime suffering and imprisonment.” >article & photos (c) Balkan Insight, 2013

Hungarian far-right sparks protests as it commemorates wartime leader

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Hungarian opposition activists protest against the erection of a statue of wartime leader Miklos Horthy in central Budapest
“Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party unveiled a statue of wartime leader Miklos Horthy who presided over the country’s alliance with Nazi Germany, in Budapest on Sunday, sparking protests and highlighting concerns about anti-Semitism in the country.” >text & slide show (c) reuters 2013; another article (c) Hungarian Spectrum, 2013

Iconoclasm in Vienna

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This work deals with a memorial to Austrian poet and Nazi Josef Weinheber (1892-1945) which stands at the Schillerpark in Vienna’s city centre. A temporary intervention aimed at exposing its conflicted history and leading to a permanent artistic reconfiguration and contextualization of the monument.
>more (c) Eduard Freudmann, 2013



The Srebrenica Massacre of 1995: still counting…

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