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Jewish Surnames Explained

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“Ashkenazic Jews were among the last Europeans to take family names. Some German-speaking Jews took last names as early as the 17th century, but the overwhelming majority lived in Eastern Europe and did not take last names until compelled to do so. The process began in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1787 and ended in Czarist Russia in 1844.” >text (c) SLATE, 2014
Map by Richard Andree: the Jews of Central Europe, 1881.


“How History Broke Us”

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“How to tell the story of the rise and destruction of European Jews? Perhaps the most compelling way is through family history, as David Laskin does in his fascinating new book.” >review & photo (c) THE DAILY BEAST, 2013

The Rorschach Test: what do YOU see?

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“There is a well-known scene in Woody Allen’s Take The Money And Run (1969) when Virgil Starkwell (Allen) takes a psychological test to join the Navy, but is thwarted by his lascivious unconscious. The psychological measure that proves to be Starkwell’s undoing—rejected, he turns to a life of crime—is the Rorschach inkblot test, devised almost a century ago by Carl Jung’s compatriot and fellow psychologist, Hermann Rorschach. Although Rorschach would die young, at 37, his namesake remains embedded in our perception of psychology, alongside Freud’s couch and Pavlov’s dog.” >full text (c) open culture 2013

Discrimination against Roma traced back

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“Discrimination against Sinti & Roma is an inextricable part of their millennium-old history in Europe. The discrimination could be seen as an understandable reaction of the settled population to nomadic strangers. However the Roma and their advocates argue that the nomadic lifestyle is a consequence, rather than cause, of the discrimination.” >full text (c) THE IRISH TIMES, 2013

More: How Racist Assumptions fuelled the ‘Maria’ Disaster >text (c) SPIEGEL,2013

Another article: the Slovak city of Košice as ‘slumdog millionaire’?
>text & disturbing photos (c) THE DAILY MAIL, 2013

“Stories of the Danube”

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Joe Zawinul (1932-2007) recording his symphony “Stories of the Danube”: excerpts from the music & interview (c) earospace / youtube 2008

Happy Bloomsday 2013!

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Enjoy your Ulyssey: James Joyce’s hero Leopold Bloom is probably the most closet Central European protagonist of Anglophone literature.

“Kicking the Germans Out of the East”

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deport Kopie

A recent book by Colgate historian R.M. Douglas “has opened, or rather reopened, yet another tortured and largely ignored chapter of World War II, (…) whose specter is still dragging and clanking its chains” across Central and Eastern Europe.
>review (c) NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOK, 2013