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Mr Paillasse is back in town

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 The nouveau-riche Austro-Canadian FRANK STRONACH buys himself into Austrian politics almost the same way he did with car manufacturing some decades ago. Will the banana republic in the Alps thus see the rise of a new Berlusconi? Or is it just another melodramatic act in the Austrian state farce?


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“Watching it happen…”

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The Canadian radio show Living Out Loud featured news reports from the early 1990’s and recordings with people who escaped the fighting in Bosnia and Croatia – also people who came to Canada before the wars broke out, people of Bosnian, Serb and Croatian background and their Canadian born children. All of them were interviewed separately in Toronto in 1992/ 1993, and then twenty years later >audio link (c) CBCradio, 2012
>More photos from Sarajevo, 1992-1995

“Heartless” Balkan comics

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Nina Bunjevac “was born in Toronto, but raised in Yugoslavia, only to be back in Canada when she was sixteen, where she graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design. (…) Her chain-smoking, slightly alcoholic and manically depressed character Zorka may just be today’s ultimate antiheroine. A Balkan immigrant in the Brave New World, working in that same meat factory for the last twenty years, tormented by family constraints and her own secrete desires… we simply can’t get enough of her.” >article (c) Bturn, 2012 (reblogged) Continue reading

Cronenberg & Mortensen do Freud

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Viggo Mortensen replaced Christoph Waltz when it came to play Sigmund Freud in David Cronenberg’s new film A Dangerous Method (2011)

> Article on “Freuds movie treatments”.

Chester Brown: Paying For It

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“There’s a new Brown book out this weekend, however, that may test the tolerance of those whose affection for Brown starts and ends with his illustrated biography of Métis leader Louis Riel.  Called Paying for It, the “comic-strip memoir” tracks Brown’s sexual adventures in the past 12 years with more than 20 female “escorts” in Toronto. Smart, unflinchingly honest, frequently funny, occasionally charming – and chock-full of nudity.” Article by James Adams (c) THE GLOBE & MAIL, 2011

‘Post/colonial’ & ‘multi-kulti’ Central Europe (necessary PS)

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An old friend of mine has pointed out  that in many countries (e.g. Canada), multiculturalism is misunderstood as multi-nationalism. According to him, each *nationality* within a multi-ethnic society constructs their little cultural backyard, an allotment garden as it were, with  hedges and garden gnomes. *Multikulti* then is a mere pretext for cultural segregation and *living out* your prevailing cultural narratives (one of the most polemic examples: Islamist attempts to introduce Sharia into western judiciary) without caring too much about the others and their cultures. Continue reading

Ukrainian ‘genocide envy’?

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The heated debate about the Canadian Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg and its representation of Holocaust and “Holomodor”: Ukrainian organizations in conflict with international scholars (see the open letter by the latter and an article in The Globe & Mail on the subject matter)