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Alternative Memorial for Hungary’s ordeal, 1944-45

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The Hungarian artist blogger LACI SZILY (sic;) has presented an alternative to the planned ‘Memorial of German Occupation, 1944/45’ in Budapest: Hitler is holding a Wiener Schnitzel in the shape of Greater Hungary in order to distract the Hungarian Puli dog which is being raped by a German shepherd… >more (in Hungarian)


“A monument of self-pity and self-justification” for Hungary

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The renowned Hungarian American historian István Deák on the Monument of German Occupation, 1944-45, which is planned in Budapest by the right-wing nationalist FIDEZ government > text (c) Hungarian Spectrum, 2014
photo of monument draft (c) FACEBOOK, 2014

Hungarian far-right sparks protests as it commemorates wartime leader

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Hungarian opposition activists protest against the erection of a statue of wartime leader Miklos Horthy in central Budapest
“Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party unveiled a statue of wartime leader Miklos Horthy who presided over the country’s alliance with Nazi Germany, in Budapest on Sunday, sparking protests and highlighting concerns about anti-Semitism in the country.” >text & slide show (c) reuters 2013; another article (c) Hungarian Spectrum, 2013

An Irishman’s Diary in Hungary

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“Today in Budapest, flowers will be laid on the grave of Imre Nagy, prime minister, leader of the Hungarian revolution of 1956, and its most notable victim. The revolution against Soviet rule began on October 23rd and lasted 13 days until it was crushed on November 4th, when 2,000 Soviet tanks invaded Hungary.”
Text on the Hungarian uprising and its aftermath with János Kádár

Hospital on the Rocks

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Most of the visitors strolling in the castle area of Buda(pest) probably don’t know that beneath their feet in the depths there is a strange and completely different world: the Sziklakórház, a network of caves which was used in Hungary’s turbulent past as a hospital, nuclear and civil defence bunker, air raid warning centre and headquarters of the German SS.” It has been turned into a speculative museum rather than into a memorial… Text (c) 2012

Kulturkampf in Budapest

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Little Warsaw: The Battle of Inner Truth – Budapest, 2011

(while a cultural struggle of sorts is taking place in Hungary…)

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3 cool CEE travel tips 4 the summer

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Part 1: Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest

Part 2: Bucharest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague

Part 3: Moscow, Sarajevo, Sofia, Zagreb

(c), Summer 2011