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Freud’s Life & Legacy – in a Comic

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“In recent years, the comic book genre has been applied to a wealth of graphic nonfiction for grownups, ranging from famous biographies to philosophy, but nowhere does the genre shine more exquisitely than in Freud — a magnificent biography-as-graphic-novel of the founding father of psychoanalysis by Swiss-born writer, economist, historian, and psychoanalyst Corinne Maier, illustrated by celebrated French cartoonist Anne Simon.”>full review (c) 2014


“Tête à tête with Sisi”

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“As a person Sisi, the Austrian Empress Elisabeth, is world famous but the
individual behind the myth is largely unknown. Two new ‘manifestations’ of
her poetic diary are now giving the reader a chance to spend intimate hours
with this famous unknown woman.” >text (c) 2013

Wittgenstein – The Duty of Genius

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VR_13_5_p7_cover_duty-of-genius“Assessing the life of a philosopher may be a writer’s greatest challenge – with few individuals do the spiritual and emotional realms play such a prominent role in moulding professional consequences. With that in mind, author Ray Monk sets off on a very specific quest in Ludwig Wittgenstein: Duty of Genius – to draw, where countless others have failed, an unbroken line between the work of the philosopher and the man himself.” >review (c) VIENNA REVIEW, 2013



Korngold biography

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Fifteen years after its first publication, a biography of the composer is translated into German >review & illustration (c) VIENNA REVIEW, 2013

From Prague to Washington

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How the Czech girl Marie Jana Korbelová
became Madeleine Albright, the first female
foreign minister of the United States.
(c) 2013

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“The real Karl Marx”

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marx Kopie

“In many ways, Jonathan Sperber suggests, Marx was ‘a backward-looking figure,’ whose vision of the future was modeled on conditions quite different from any that prevail today (Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life – Liveright, 648 pp., $35.00)

>review (c) NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS, 2013

Hesse has been dead for 50 years now…

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“Hermann Hesse spent his life searching for truth and inner harmony outside Germany. Yet his quests to the East ultimately led him back to the West and to the realization that the alternatives he found in the East offered no short cut to salvation. To mark the 50th anniversary of his death, Gunnar Decker presents a new biography of the successful author, one which also explains the Orientalism in his work.” >review (c) 2012