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Finally: a good book on historical vampirism in the 18th century

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vamp copyThomas M. Bohn: Der Vampir. Ein europäischer Mythos. Köln, Weimar, Wien: Böhlau 2016. 368 S. Review in German

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Fare Well Illyria “As a reporter for the prestigious New York Times, the author David Binder interviewed many of the leading political figures of the Balkans (Illyria). He also sought out the area’s intellectuals, many of them critical of their leaders, and everyday people who provide a sense of daily life. He devotes a chapter to each ethnic group from Vlachs to Serbs, talks about their differences and similarities, and does so without giving offense. He also provides a short historical account of the various places he visits, which deepens our understanding of the local cultures.” >more (c) CEU Press, 2013

Monument-Building Boom in the Balkans

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Oluja 95

“Hundreds of war memorials have been built since the Balkan conflicts, but some governments exert no control over how much public money is spent or whether new monuments provoke ethnic tensions.” >text (c) 2013


The Serbian Chetniks & the Jews

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British historian Marco Attila Hoare explores the ugly sides of World War Two & the Holocaust in the Balkans: the hidden agenda of local nationalism/s. >text (c) KOSOVO-NEWS 2013

Balkan Gay Pride Made Joyful

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“A homophobic, middle-aged Serbian gangster ends up sacrificing himself to protect Gay freedom in his country…” The surpise success movie in the Western Balkans this Fall. It promotes nothing less than the Utopian reconcilation of the ex-Yugoslav peoples (or, of their gangsters, at least;) over the protection of Serbian LGBT rights. Or does it take to be a mobster to support gays and lesbians (which would be a less nice message)?

Balkan Flair in Vienna

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“The book Balkanmeile – 24 Stunden Ottakringer Strasse offers a portrait of a street of Vienna that has attracted attention over the last few years on account of its migrant inhabitants. Review (c), 2012

PS: “this is the Balkans”

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Punk playing (with) stereotypes on the region & the New World order

This is the Balkans here,
Fragrant flowers,
Totally incomprehensible to the whole world…