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Art Brut from America

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George W. Bush’s Dirty Little Secret

“In February, a hacker named Guccifer revealed to the world the hidden artistic talents of George W. Bush, releasing to The Smoking Gun a handful of photographs of oil paintings by the former president that had been taken from personal Bush family emails. The images were well-received by critics and laypeople alike, but they represented only a small portion of the budding outsider artist’s oeuvre.”

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Maybe these artworks should be exhibited at the Viennese Art Brut Center at the former mental institution of Gugging?


“Welt.All.Ende” – Walla!

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“The Art/Brut Center Gugging near Vienna has put together an amazing AUGUST WALLA (1936-2001) retrospective of more than 400 works from all periods of his artistic life. Together with his impressing paintings and drawings the show contains not only sculptures and installations, but also photographies and documentations of land art pieces.” Out of his own confused gender identity, the historical disasters of the (post)war period and social marginalization, Walla created his own universe (which is going to ‘end’ according to him) populated by gods and sexual-politcial symbols: the swastika e.g. symbolizes the female sex, whereas  communism is ‘male’. Until Oct 28, 2012. Video (c) theartVIEw on Vimeo.