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Bosnia: a model for the planet?

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“In many ways, the country has what the rest of Europe has lost.”

>full text /travelogue & photo (c) NBC NEWS, 2009


“Taoiseach, Nazi, soldier, spy”

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Ratlines, the latest novel by North Irish author Stuart Neville, is not only about the former Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) Charles J Haughey, but also on the prominent Austrian SS-veteran Otto Skorzeny who lived in Ireland from the late 1950s (and was buried at the Döbling cemetery in Vienna after his death in 1975) > text (c) THE IRISH TIMES, 2013


“The artist who would be president”

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“It is impossible to miss Czech artist and composer Vladimír Franz in a crowd: the professor, who teaches Music in Theatre Performance at DAMU in Prague, is tattooed on all visible parts of his body, including his face and hands. Now Mr Franz is also one of the country’s most unusual – and most unexpected – candidates for president.” >text

(c) RADIO PRAHA, 2013

Heart Break Hotels in Europe

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“What do you dream of when you stay at Hotel Kummer (German for ‘heartache’)? Who do you meet at Hotel Verloren (‘lost’)? And does breakfast at the B&B Trauer (‘grief’) leave a special taste in your mouth? Artist Conny Habbel and author Franz Adrian Wenzl went to see the most desperate hotels in Europe.” >Text & photos (album) (c) 2012

Return to Berlin

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In his new single – the only one in 10 years – David Bowie takes us on a trip down memory lane in… BERLIN, on the occasion of his 66th birthday today.

Masculinity exposed in Vienna

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IMG_3220 (1)
The successful exhibition Naked Men unveils male nudity: full-frontally.

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A Venial Sin of History

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Reminiscences of the Czech-Slovak divorce twenty years ago

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