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Districts: Sarajevo Starigrad

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“Stari Grad, the Sarajevo Old Town, is the historical core of the city. It is in the eastern part of Sarajevo and includes 16 residential areas, including Alifakovac, Baščaršija, Bentbaša, Vratnik and Bistrik. Its area of 55 km² represents 37 per cent of the city and makes it the largest district.” >full text from the “Districts” series (c), 2012


PS. Srebrenica revisionism – who pays?

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“It turns out that genocide denial has a price tag – and a hefty one at that. Financial records from the Bosnian Serb entity known as Republika Srpska reveal that a Hague-based group of pseudo-experts that calls itself the “Srebrenica Historical Project” has received more than $1 million from the cash-strapped mini-state over the past five years.” >full text (c) FOREIGN POLICY, 2012

Plus, on the same page: article on General Mladic in The Hague

Srebrenica: A town still divided

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“Ethnic divisions continue to plague this town, where more than 8,000 people were slaughtered in July 1995.” >Full report (c) AL JAZEERA, 2012; photo (c) AFP.

Tesla’s birthday

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Today would be the 156th birthday of NIKOLA TESLA (1856-1953), Austro-Hungarian / Serbian / Croatian / American genius of electrical engineering, the epitome of a mad professor born into a multi-ethnic territory…

Hipsters in Vienna

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The Viennese bohemian bourgeois (BoBo) is the equivalent daddy / mummy of the gentrifying hipster NY style…

Illustration (c) Andrea Maria Dusl, 2012

“Living cemetery”

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“The Jewish cemetery on Seegasse in Vienna, which has been undergoing renovations by the city since 2008, is of importance not only for historical and cultural reasons.” >full article (c), 2012

“462 keys, 462 crimes, 462 lives: the “keys against forgetting” are an important memorial.”

No title required…

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